Monday, November 29, 2010

Girltalk. All Day.

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! I sure did, despite getting sick, I was able to see some old but still my very best friends! The Mesh DJ sensation Girl Talk released his new album All Day. Looking for something fun? Then you've got to check this out immediately. Anyone who can mix Twista rapping, with U2 in the background is a pure and total genius.

Monday, November 15, 2010

World of Jenks and V.V. Brown.

For those of you looking for something useful, inventive and unique to watch on television I highly suggest watching the show World of Jenks on MTV. Finally a show with class and some of the best stories of human triumph that you will hear. Jenk's recently stayed with a musical artist named V.V. Brown. I must admit that before the episode i had no idea who she was. She is a british artists trying to make it in the USA. The first time she tried was 6 years ago and she failed. But the way she failed was typical music industry. They tried to take her sound away from her, and tried to sell her out. Her second time around she did something that many popular artist struggle to do, stick to their style. I have gained so much respect for V.V. Brown, she is exactly what I like to see in a musical artist. I checked out her album and the album is solid, one song does stick out, Shark in the Water. Whether or not she makes it in the states, I will always respect this artist because she makes music the way its supposed to be. She doesnt throw a overused repetitive beat behind her vocals. She doesn't autotune herself. She doesn't sing about sex and drugs. She sings with passion and she puts it out there by saying "here America, love my music or hate it, I'm not changing what I believe in." Its so nice to hear this...for once.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Manhattan was a fantastic time! Nothing like seeing old friends and hanging out together again. The drive in was a little rough, hydroplaning is a very scary event. I've never seen it rain so much in my life, but I made it, and had a wonderful time. Also got to see my first snow of the year which was somewhat of a surprise. Headed back to Warrensburg in the morning! In the meantime if your bored check out this tune Animal by Neon Trees (DJ from Mars Remix). Check out the best cover I have ever heard in the a long time. Bittersweet Symphony by John Mayer. You find it then you should definitely give it a listen. Last note, if you see anything with the name Skrillex on it, who is my DJ of the month, then you should listen to it. Some of the sickest drops you will ever hear, great remixes to. Peace.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Nothing like a 3 hour time to sit back and enjoy the music. Manhattan here I come! Little bit of Keane, Dave Matthews, Keith Urban and the new Matt & Kim track, Good for Great. Open road is the best place to get in tune with your thoughts.
RIP Pollard Caldwell, you will be missed sir.
If your bored, check out this album its wonderful, 80's style sound and no guitars. Something unique and different. Keane-Perfect Symmetry.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thoughts into Words. Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds.

Music is everything to me. I have always wanted a way to get my thoughts out of my head and to the world on what songs mean and how they can impact my daily life. Music is more than what is played on the radio. It is a shame that people choose not to dive into music completely and open there views on a vast amount of creativity in this world. Dave Matthews is one of the few mainstream musical figures today who plays with an overwhelming passion and emotion. Paired together with a guitarist by the name of Tim Reynolds they create one of the most amazing music duos in history. While they have never recorded a studio album, they have played worldwide tours where a total of two live albums were recorded. In 2007 they released Live at Radio City Music Hall. In 2009 they released Live in Las Vegas. Two fantastic albums but in my opinion Radio City Music Hall stands above Las Vegas. For my first post I have chosen a song from Live at Radio City Music Hall. The Opening act should strike a fews hairs on the back of your neck. It amazes me that someone can just let his vocals loose like this on the very first song of a set. Two true musical talents doing what they do best. If they ever come to Kansas City, I will be sure to be the first in line. Sit back and enjoy two amazing wonders of the musical world as they perform Bartender live from Radio City Music Hall.