Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas and Beyond.

I hope that everyone had a very fun and exciting, maybe even a relaxing Holiday Season! Turning my head towards New Years now! I'll keep this one short, but New Years means one thing to me, Dance Music. Here's my favorite Dance Anthem of the Year...Just Say Yes, Remixed my the Thin White Duke, Original by Snow Patrol...Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tron Legacy.

I finally went to see TRON: Legacy. Let me tell you that it is phenomenal. While the script may appear weak at times, there is enough action and special effects to keep you more than interested. But Daft Punk and there amazing soundtrack stole the show in this one. There is one scene in particular that they are actually shown in the film. It just seemed as soon as they came on screen that this movie took off. Derezzed started playing and the scene stood out on its own. Now when you see this for yourself you will understand totally. This film would have ranked up very high in my book if a script wasn't lacking in a few parts, none the less go see this film its one wild ride. I thought I would leave you with two tracks from the movie. The Game Has Changed really showcases the talent of Daft Punk's ability to make music appeal to a movie scene. While Derezzed kind of has that old Daft Punk sound, while short, its definitely something you can throw on and listen to casually.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Kinda been going through a rough patch with things. Nothing to major, but just kind of rolling with it all. Needed a song to kind of get me through. While the song and the lyrics and what it means may not apply to my situation, I couldn't help but fall in love with the sound. The Only Exception by Paramore. Hayley Williams features a voice that you can't help but sing with. So I took it upon myself to not only listen to this song, but as an aspiring guitar player, learn how to play it myself. The song itself is simple, but the sound is amazing, it showcases everyone from the light drum background to the beautiful vocals. In short, this song got me through the day, and the message became simple: stop looking and let it come to you. Spend all your time looking and you will miss out on the great times you have with the amazing people around you. Don't be afraid to be a little patient...for once in your life. So I thought today I would share the song that made the day seem a little bit brighter. The Only Exception by Paramore...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tops of 2010.

Since this year is coming to a close, I thought of no better way to finish than with a top ten countdown every tuesday until the year is over. More of my personal favorites than anything. My ten favorite songs, albums and my top 5 concerts of 2010. This week, my favorite ten songs of 2010.

10. Christmas Lights- Coldplay
While its a song that remains relevant for only one month of the year. Its one that will be played every christmas. Just an amazing christmas song, with an amazing Coldplay sound, what more could you ask for?

9. Panoramic- Atticus Ross
This song, is absolutely brilliant. While you get no lyrics, you have a beautiful sound. The Book of Eli was one of my favorite movies this year, and of all time for that matter. This song takes me away, and also has somewhat of a more personal meaning to me. Atticus Ross hit it right on the head here.

8. Loving Wings- Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
This song was destined to be one of my favorites from the start, simply because of the two gentleman playing it. While it never really takes off instrumentally, it gives you the chance to hear Dave Matthews. Such a calm song, just sit back and take a listen to this one.

7. Radioactive- Kings of Leon
Kings of Leon is just amazing at what they do. The bring back a classic rock sound, and make it so modern. This song is fast and moves very well with a great sound, not to mention a great lyrical performance by lead singer Caleb Followill (which always seems to be the case).

6. Runaway- Kanye West & Pusha T.
I finally found a true liking of Kanye West. I heard this song at the VMA's and I was hooked. Such a provocative song. The drum's in the back are just tremendous, and the vocoder feature at the end is fun and unique. And what a shock folks, there is no Auto tune in a rap song.

5. Need You Now- Lady Antebellum
While songs that play constantly on the radio normally have no creativity or thoughtful lyrics, this one sure does. Two great vocalists, just singing about love. I can't help but stop and sing along every time I hear this one.

4. Miracles- Norwegian Recycling
As an aspiring DJ, I have a huge passion for creative, dance like music. This song is so unique and creative, that its hard for words to describe. Its a song with about 15 songs in it, and he made a mash up that is actually very easy to sing along with. And the chorus, has that one guy in it, o yeah Michael Jackson.

3. Call Your Girlfriend- Robyn
Just discovered this song, but man is it just amazing. Robyn will not be in the dark for much longer, she is going to be discovered here and its just a matter of time. Just an amazing performance vocally, with a great dance beat in the background.

2. Good for Great- Matt and Kim
Its amazing how the songs that I love the most, normally at first I have a tough time liking them. This one grew on me very fast. I must admit I have never really got into Matt and Kim's music, but this song definitely makes me want to. A synth that hooks you in and great lyrics, couldn't ask for more.

1. Sofi Needs a Ladder- Deadmau5
Such an amazing dance song. A lyric performance thats in your face and fun. One of the most amazing beat's you will ever hear. Put this one on a big system, then your going to have to move. Also an amazing song to see live. Just an incredible song.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Michael Bublé.

Just got home for the holidays, bracing myself for another great season. I lounged around all day watching concerts on HDnet yesterday. Only one really caught my eye and ear. Michael Bublé meets Madison Square Garden. I first discovered Michael in 2005 with his hit song Home. Which to this day is one of my favorite songs in my whole music library. While some may consider it a stretch, he is the Frank Sinatra of our time. While music constantly evolves to the times, its nice to see a man with a classic old fashioned style make it as modern as possible. The DVD allows you to get involved and see the human side of Mr. Bublé. He  is a very kind man, who knows his values in life. He is always first to thank his band, and his staff for doing what they do. No matter who you are, you can't deny this guys amazing singing voice. I thought of no better showcase of this than his performance of Me and Mrs. Jones live at Madison Square Garden. Need to Relax? Have a listen...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Crash Into Me.

As the holiday grows closer, my first semester of college ends. While the happy times begin, some friends are leaving for good. So when I am in a bum mood, I turn to music. So this post is for those friends I may not see ever again, or in a very long time. Dave Matthews. Crash Into Me. To those friends: I wish you guys the best of luck as you move forward, I wont soon forget the memories.
Dave Matthews Crash Into Me

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Kanye West.

While I must first admit that I am not the biggest hip hop fan in the world, I must admit that one hip hop album has grown on me. Kayne West is Mr. Controversy. Taylor Swift, the George Bush comment, and his latest album artwork being banned in America. But behind the outer image of a troublemaker, there is a true artist inside this man. His older songs never had an affect on me, they were kinda ehhh. But this album has passion. Every track shows his passion for his art. His beats behind his raps are amazing. There not just a repetitive beat, they are creative. His lyrics are edgy and meaningful. Take away his negative reputation, take away his controversies and give this one a chance folks. You must always open your eyes to see the beautiful work of art. Thats exactly what this is. Kanye West. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Coldplay and Christmas.

It was the beginning of 2009. 60 minutes did an in depth interview with then touring Coldplay. We got to see a behind the scenes look at how they make their magic. Christmas martin played a 20 second preview of a christmas song they had been working on. Almost 2 years later, that song has finally arrived. Tis the season folks. Christmas Lights has arrived, and now can be enjoyed every christmas from now on. The genius that is Coldplay, Strikes Again.
Click Here. Coldplay. Christmas Lights.